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What Are The Different Types Of Office File Cabinet Benefits, How To Buy
Oct 14, 2016

Solid wood file cabinet: solid wood furniture has been very popular with consumers, because the material is not subject to any processing of natural materials, very green, giving a noble quality, consumers love. Solid wood cabinets is the same, very different atmosphere in the Office. But solid wood furniture will cause of environment and temperature, moisture or insects.
Plate cabinets: plate is used in Cabinet mdf or particle board made of veneer on the surface of the Cabinet, exquisite plate making technology more and more of the Cabinet on the market, whether it is feel good or Guan Zedu. Plate Cabinet veneer has a lot of variety, and the colors and textures also have a number of options, produced results comparable and solid wood. Disadvantages of plate Cabinet is not environmentally friendly, quality is a big problem, because is a natural, so the look is not very natural.
Steel file cabinets: steel file cabinets, fire and environmental protection firm, this is the characteristic steel file cabinet is generally suppressed by cold rolling steel plate, and then on the surface of galvanized steel, hot-dip zinc, electrostatic spraying process of powder, very strong and durable. This file cabinet Compact is also very practical, so is a good helper stored within the Office.