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Steel Cupboard Vital Office Supplies
Jul 10, 2017

Steel Cupboard in the design not only to allow users to use comfortable, whether in normal and non-normal use of the situation should not harm the user's body, but also not harmful substances volatile affect people's health.

At this point Zhuo Bai steel file cabinet can be described as a bit hard work. In the design of Choi Bai's designers according to people's height to design the size of Steel Cupboard. According to the office space of steel filing cabinet design of the shape of the steel file cabinet and open the door.

Steel Cupboard as green office furniture, steel filing cabinet materials are also tend to be natural, itself does not contain harmful substances, do not cast harmful gases. In the recycling and reuse of environmental protection requirements, even if it is no longer used, but also easy to recycle and reuse. Of course, even the auxiliary materials are also required to save energy, pollution-free, easy to recover.

Steel Cupboard in office use, not on the human body has been poisoned and hurt, to meet the needs of users. It is understood that Zhuo Bai steel file cabinet because of fashionable and colorful, and other advantages have become office furniture in the popular products, coupled with the product prices are more moderate, more and more consumers of all ages.

Whether it is executive high officials or ordinary office staff, whether it is the group manager or a large company manager, filing cabinets are essential.

Filing cabinets for placing all kinds of documents, print labels, posted on the appropriate location, a clear classification, need to read the file, then at a glance.

In the purchase of file cabinet, should pay attention to the following aspects:

(1) appearance

File cabinet on the appearance of the more stringent requirements of the edge of the edges and corners to be standardized, and the formation of the angle of 90 degrees at right angles. In the purchase, hand touch panel to see if it is smooth, the edges and corners should not have sharp edges.

(2) material

Understand the material of the cabinet is extremely important, for the good file cabinet generally choose excellent plastic cold-rolled plate. Its thickness of 0.7 mm or more (under normal circumstances, less than the thickness of the rolling plate is easy to deformation).

(3) process

File cabinet should not rust, otherwise it will give people the feeling of dilapidated, detrimental to the office of feng shui. Many well-known manufacturers, with strong technical force, is gradually improve the file cabinet of scientific and technological content. Some manufacturers use electrostatic powder spray process, and phosphating anti-rust treatment, which can extend the life of the file cabinet.

(4) accessories

Filing cabinets such as locks, rails and pulleys, etc., its flexibility, wear resistance in the purchase of the file cabinet is also the details can not be ignored, it will directly affect the daily work to use.

The use of Steel Cupboard has a great advantage, both in terms of fire resistance, firmness and environmental protection. Steel Cupboard are usually selected cold-rolled steel, and then selected in the appearance of electro-galvanized, hot dip zinc, powder electrostatic spraying and many other technology, solid use. And from the whole point of view, steel file cabinets are relatively concise, economical light mobile storage devices, easy to use.