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Steel Cupboard To Ensure The Moisture Content Of Cabinet Board
Sep 29, 2017

Steel Cupboard, simply that is made of stainless steel for the production of cabinets. In the past, Steel Cupboard were generally used for commercial use, for example, the hotel canteen, and later because of the Steel Cupboard have a strong modern metal style and will not be tide the advantages of cracking, get a lot of consumers favor, so later Steel Cupboard can also be used as a home To meet the needs of different consumers, as the leader of China's overall kitchen Ou also have Steel Cupboard.

Why, why do not I recommend buying a stainless steel cupboard?

First, the visual is too cold.

Steel Cupboard have a strong modern metal style, but the disadvantage is to give people the feeling of cold, it is difficult to create a warm atmosphere, we all know that the kitchen is an important place for family members to exchange feelings, the kitchen is the heroine cooking for the family background, So the kitchen can not be too cold.

Second, there are security risks.

As long as the metal can be conductive, so it is still a bit dangerous, say the table will often discharge rice cookers, batteries and the like electrical appliances, once a long time off the aging is more likely to leak, from the security to consider, which is why the European faction Development of Steel Cupboard as home.

Third, the noise is big.

Steel Cupboard cabinets are equipped with stainless steel materials, especially when the drawer push and pull when the noise is great, very up to use, very easy to affect the mood, the heroine in the cooking of the most important thing is the mood is better.

Fourth, easy to scratch.

Stainless steel surface material is relatively smooth and did not do special treatment, so once encountered a hard object tip is easy to scratch, which is why the Steel Cupboard with less than a year like a cat.

Some people say that Steel Cupboard waterproof and moisture-proof, but the European camp cabinets are also waterproof and moisture-proof, although the European cabinet cabinet material is solid wood particle board, but the finishes and edge are very good, which is sufficient to ensure that the cabinet plate Moisture resistance, which is why the world's first-line brand more than 90 percent are solid wood particles board.

Some people say that the stainless steel cabinet countertops environmental protection without radiation, but the European faction quartz stone countertops with vacuum purification technology is also environmentally friendly without radiation, and there are a variety of colors to choose from.