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Steel Cupboard Stitching Seamless And Durable
Jun 28, 2017

Kitchen decoration is the most important thing is the choice of cabinets, and cabinet all the structural materials, the daily use of the most is the cabinet countertops, if the cabinet countertop quality is not good, it will affect the use of the entire cabinet, so the decoration owners must pay attention to the cabinet countertops s Choice,

First, when it comes to quartz stone, artificial stone, it is the most commonly used on the market today, a cabinet countertop material. Now no matter what the house decoration is beautiful, especially the kitchen, bathroom and so on. Because many people in addition to the door to see the decoration of the living room, the most important thing is to see the kitchen and bathroom decoration how. However, the kitchen decoration is now inseparable from the use of quartz or artificial stone made of the cabinet.

Second, the quartz stone is a high-grade stone, the price in the market is relatively high, but its advantages are other ordinary stone is difficult. That Xiaobian to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of quartz stone. Quartz stone is the advantage of wear and tear is not afraid of scratching, heat can be a large area of paving wall, do all kinds of kitchen countertops, stitching seamless, durable.

Tolerance: Quartz stone contains a variety of composite materials and ultra-fine quartz powder, the formation of surface no microporous structure, the average water absorption of only 0.03%, high-quality materials to ensure that the quartz stone is basically no penetration phenomenon.

Heat-resistant: quartz stone matrix material to quartz particles, while the quartz itself has a high melting point (1600 ° C), adding a small amount of composite materials, the surface is still a very high heat resistance, resistance to burns, enough to resist heat Oil, wok, cigarette butts and other burns to maintain a lasting smooth, but will not appear depression, focal spot and other phenomena.

Third, the market has a lot of high imitation quartz stone products, defects larger, low hardness, not wear, will mold, also known as the stone. And can not be used as a kitchen countertops, so customers in the choice of countertops should choose a good product, the real quartz stone countertops.

Four, Steel Cupboard, simply said that with stainless steel as the material, the production of the cabinet, it evolved from the hotel canteen stainless steel kitchen utensils, the concept of family Steel Cupboard and the formation of the cabinet than the wooden cabinet later, probably formed in the 20th century ninety At the end of the year, in a certain range of popular, for some two reasons: First, it is a strong modern metal style, deep love of modern fashion people who blitz; Second, by the wooden cabinet is easy to tide on the crack, stainless steel just To make up for the shortcomings of wooden cabinets, so the original only in the hotel restaurants and canteen stainless steel kitchenware was introduced into the ranks of the family cabinets came, Steel Cupboard reveal a strong postmodern features, when from this kitchen out of a plate Dish delicious food, as if through the industrial precision casting the same, both fresh and careful.

Fifth, the advantages of stainless steel table:

1, Steel Cupboard and other materials compared to the material is a whole, there will be no cracking, the material is very environmentally friendly and not afraid of heat without deformation of the advantages.

2, stainless steel cabinet countertops is not absorbent, which avoid the cabinet table clean up the irritability.

3, stainless steel cabinet countertop impact strength and strength of other cabinet countertops can not match.

4, do not fade, no obvious old Because the stainless steel cabinet countertop is his own color so there is no fading argument, and will not look very old. The use of time and then long face will appear as bright as new.

But the stainless steel cabinet countertops have two shortcomings can not be ignored, one is the stainless steel cabinet countertops, giving a cold psychological feeling. The other is a stainless steel cabinet countertop salt water and the like soaking (stainless steel in salt water and other strong acid and alkali surface protective layer will be corroded), there will be rust phenomenon, which affects the appearance and affect the service life.

Six, quartz stone countertops why popular;

The entire Steel Cupboard give a sense of visual sense of cold, and its serious general, the choice of color can be used to cover the series of stainless steel to cover the cold image of the cold. Finally Xiaobian introduced so much about the advantages and disadvantages of Steel Cupboard, we hope to help, to let everyone know how to choose a Steel Cupboard.

Quartz stone countertops is the mainstream of countertops countertops. High hardness, wear, not afraid of high temperature, not afraid of the sun. If it is good quality varieties, but also anti-penetration. Not only for everyday use, and stylish and beautiful. The disadvantage is that you can not seamlessly splice.