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Steel Cupboard Product Environmental Protection, Health Performance
May 25, 2017

Artificial stone, natural stone, fire board countertops, which table is both practical and environmentally friendly? Particleboard, fiberboard, Wo Hong board, solid wood particle board, a wide range of plates, which plate the lowest content of formaldehyde? Water-based paint, oily paint, which kind of paint beautiful and non-toxic? These questions are undoubtedly the first consideration for consumers who buy cabinets. 80,90 as a new generation of consumer main force, not only concerned about the environmental protection of furniture products, health performance, product design aesthetic perspective is also very sharp. Faced with such "difficult" consumers, cabinet industry subdivision category - Steel Cupboard, to meet their diverse consumer demand, can be described as make every effort, responsive.

"Stainless steel" three words, say it is reminiscent of the cold material appearance, and this material left the subjective impression is "cold", "hard", "monotonous". It is a single color to the kitchen space with a little monotonous; it is not gray gray tinted wood products simple, natural texture texture; it complex cutting technology can not withstand the aesthetic requirements of special-shaped cabinet. If you still think that Steel Cupboard have the above problems, then you really do not understand "Steel Cupboard" is a sensible, hard "child".

Although the stainless steel products in the country has developed mature, but the Steel Cupboard can only be regarded as a growing "child". Faced with the ever-changing market demand, located in the Steel Cupboard are in a timely manner to improve the technology.

Color can be numerous, material imitation can be diverse, but the stainless steel cabinet material itself to bring the work complex, cutting, forging, installation process can meet the modern personalized "custom" needs, has become a question of consumer question. Committed to the "German Steel Cupboard," Sword Steel Cupboard, not only can make the product color up to 20 balance options, but also to ensure that the product all-inclusive, complete smooth transition, hand touch no trace. And the current Steel Cupboard on the market, it is able to achieve the entire cabinet by the whole piece of four pieces of material forming, and the development of a variety of sub-cabinet, so that consumers can be free with a combination.

Consumers pay attention to the beautiful and custom, Steel Cupboard in continuous improvement, and consumers pay attention to the "green" and "health" problem, it is the inherent advantages of Steel Cupboard. Regardless of the market, "zero formaldehyde", "environmental", "health" slogan how to ring, but the wood sheet containing glue and other ingredients will release a certain amount of formaldehyde, quartz stone table also has a certain degree of radiation and other health problems exist. In many cabinet enterprises to strive for environmentally friendly sheet, environmental glue, Steel Cupboard almost do not need to think about this problem.

Stainless steel surface without spraying processing and other processes, easy to clean and no poison;

Due to high material density, effective waterproof high temperature; cabinets and the integration of the table to protect the edge without deformation, the use will not produce cracks or cracking and so on;

Will not bring color to bring long life, so many stainless steel companies dare to promise to protect for decades.

Although the Steel Cupboard this market is not strong enough, but fortunately there are so many efforts for the stainless steel business, trying to grow it. Whether it is colorful kitchen color, Europe and the United States, simple style of solid elements of the keen, or different space on the cabinet height of the free increase or decrease, Steel Cupboard are tirelessly in the material, process production up to achieve market demand. This "responsive" market attitude, it is worth the entire cabinet industry to learn and learn from, look forward to the vigorous development of stainless steel cabinet market.