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Steel Cupboard Do Not Need To Worry About Mold, Deformation, Discoloration
Jul 19, 2017

The kitchen is the place where every household is used every day, and the cupboard is an indispensable part of the family kitchen and is accessible to people every day.

Therefore, I believe that many consumers in the home decoration selection cabinet when the most concerned about is: what kind of cabinet green harmless to the human body,Steel Cupboard what kind of cabinet can use a set of decades does not change color does not damage? That is concerned about the cabinet is concerned about the environmental protection and durability.

Speaking of home improvement environmental issues, many consumers will directly flash the brain out of the word - formaldehyde.

Formaldehyde as a toxic chemical substances, the great harm to the human body, serious will lead to leukemia. How to solve the problem of formaldehyde pollution, has been a large number of cabinets and other home enterprises are in the direction of efforts.

Stainless steel material because it does not contain formaldehyde, so it will not release formaldehyde, health and environmental protection.

Decoration is a very troublesome thing, especially the decoration of the kitchen this water, fire, fumes gathered place. I believe that many consumers want to choose a good set of cabinets can be used for ten years or even decades but not just a few years, and can not worry about the cabinet moldy, deformation, discoloration.

The traditional cabinet is the substrate of the plate, the plate is susceptible to temperature, dry, wet and other conditions of the discoloration, deformation, and even mold, and the kitchen is set these conditions as one place.

Originally a very beautiful and beautiful cupboard, used for a long time, in the acid-base condiments and fumes under the gradual yellowing, black, and even corrosion rotten, become more ugly, how much will affect everyone's cooking mood.

And the sheet is long in a humid environment is easy to swell, at high temperatures will crack water seepage, resulting in cabinet deformation.

1, the biggest shortcomings of Steel Cupboard is undoubtedly: the style is difficult to achieve the wooden products made of home style, our people especially like wood products to do the steady, rich texture style, and do not like stainless steel cold, and very cheap Of the kind of feeling, even now the stainless steel door also began to spray color, but also can not cover the cold steel distribution of the cold image. In short is not beautiful!

2, the second major shortcomings should be the lack of domestic Steel Cupboard lack of advanced technology, less than the quality of imported stainless steel cabinets, resulting in imported stainless steel cabinet prices are too high, no market, and domestic stainless steel cabinets because of technical problems, Has been unable to solve the problem of prone to oxidation.

3, the Chinese people's kitchen environment than abroad, there are many need to avoid the gas, water and other pipes, cabinets need special custom products, each set of production is not the same, some special-shaped cabinet simply can not be processed. Work trouble, cutting, modeling also special treatment, which requires a certain process and machine base, the domestic is difficult to achieve.

4, Steel Cupboard cabinet "than on the lack of more than the next." The price is almost the same with the solid wood, but the price is difficult to achieve the kind of solid wood prices, can afford to sell stainless steel can certainly afford to live solid wood, solid wood is relatively classical, solemn, the average consumer will first consume solid wood, unless special Like stainless steel will not consider the solid wood. But more than the particleboard and so the price is much higher, can not take the volume, since can not take the volume, then only take the high-end, but can not get the kind of elegant high-end solid wood. It is understood that some manufacturers have begun to inject fuel outside the stainless steel, increase product richness, but this way, although it can enrich the product line, but can not overcome the shortcomings of product costs soaring, and damage the stainless steel should be environmentally friendly.

5, when the installation of Steel Cupboard, kitchen cabinets in the corner of the lack of reasonable means of treatment, there are various parts of the convergence problem, but also the lack of effective treatment, please carefully choose.

6, once the Steel Cupboard cabinet door or platen was scratched, it is difficult to compound, long after the cracks will lead to cracks inside the bacteria, so usually when cleaning need more attention, and did not imagine so care!

7, did not form the industry scale. The market is almost invisible stainless steel brand kitchen cabinets, not to mention the famous stainless steel cabinet brand, so why the stainless steel market is not good, has entered China for so many years, is no one willing to do this a market? Certainly not, the reason is very simple , Stainless steel process too much trouble, or high cost, can not quickly form the scale of industrialization. But one thing is certain that if such a long time, someone tried to still do well, then prove that the market is a thorny problem.