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Steel Book Shelf With Moisture-proof, Durable, Strong Bearing Capacity
Oct 19, 2017

With people's fast-paced life and people gradually like the modern style of goods and gradually loved by everyone. Stainless steel Bookcase has moisture-proof, durable,Steel Book Shelf load-bearing strength and other advantages, is home, office rare necessary things, so in everyone's life occupies an important position. Now the development of science and technology, compared with other materials, stainless steel bookcase More high-end, the atmosphere!

Steel Book Shelf: The use of high-quality cold-rolled steel sheet materials, by numerical control equipment shearing, molding, Steel Book Shelf each shelf evenly bearing 80kg, one side shelf uniform load-bearing 40kg; steel frame body surface by oil removal, rust, phosphating, pickling and other processes before processing, and then by the matte electrostatic spray, coating durable, color matching beautiful, Uniform color,.

general product Size: Single shelf (WIDE * * * high) 1000*300*2000mm, double-sided bookshelf (WIDE * * * high) 1000*450*2000mm, product size can be customized according to the location of the specific storage system.

The characteristics of the steel Bookshelf: a large collection of books, small footprint, easy to dismantle and easily installed, adjustable layer flexible and convenient, can be damp-proof, fire-resistant, high temperature, security can be strong. Steel Bookshelf has now become a vast number of institutions, enterprises and institutions, bookstores and other books storage must be tools.

Bookshelf is the most common study furniture in our life, many friends have little knowledge about the classification and advantages of bookshelves, this article will take you to understand the advantages of different bookshelves.

1. Stand-alone Bookshelf

Advantages: Strong adaptability, they can be taken to a new house when they move, and for books, worms or books; some people in order to cosmetic,Steel Book Shelf will deliberately buy a unique design of the independent bookshelf, to reflect their identity and grade; In addition, independent shelves can also be used to block space, similar to the role of screen.

2. Leaning wall Shelves

Advantages: Select a wall in the room, decorate the wall, occupied space is very limited, suitable for small area of indoor space. Shelves in the rich shelf to the Home Office to bring great convenience, only through the upward extension of space to complete the maximum display function.

3. Embedded Bookshelf

Advantages: Can be stored according to the needs of the items tailored, in addition to the size, but also can be customized their style, in order to the overall style consistent. In addition, you can also use a closed storage design scheme, that is, in front of the cabinet and then put a plank wall,Steel Book Shelf the plank wall design has many small doors, open the door, you can see things in the cupboard. At the same time, the storage space inside the wall can be placed from TV to vases of various furniture and furnishings.

4. Hanging Bookshelf

Advantages: To save the lower part of the space, can be used for him, at the same time can play the role of decorative wall.

5 Shelves

Advantages: Detachable, can be designed to suit the requirements of different space.

6. Steel-wood-bonded bookshelf

Advantages: Convenient disassembly, laminate can be based on the size of the book to adjust the height of the plate, said the gravity strong, not easy to deformation.