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Steel Book Shelf With Moisture, Durable, Strong Bearing Capacity
Sep 29, 2017

With people now fast-paced life and people gradually like the modern style of goods and gradually by everyone's favorite. Stainless steel bookcases have moisture, durable,Steel Book Shelf strong bearing strength, etc., is the home, the office can not have the necessary things, so that everyone occupies an important position in life. Now technology continues to develop, compared with other materials, stainless steel bookcase more high-end, the atmosphere!

Bookshelf is our life more common study furniture, many friends for the bookshelf classification and advantages of little understanding.

A set of shelves designed to accommodate the mountain wall. After being developed into a group of books for a wide range of applications. The basic unit of the bookshelf is made up of 8mm diameter "mouth" shaped steel frame and 3mm thick anodized aluminum plate. It can be upright and can be inclined to form "+" or "x" shape. Can be used as an independent unit upright, but also from top to bottom together to form a larger bookshelf. Aluminum plate with different colors, arranged in the steel frame,Steel Book Shelf the formation of different colors with the effect of reflection and reflection. Taking full account of the convenience of transport and installation, all components can be removable, easy to transport and packaging, effectively reduce costs.

 Steel shelves: the use of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate material, the NC equipment shear, molding; steel shelves each shelf uniform load 80kg, single-sided shelf uniform load 40kg; steel frame surface by degreasing, rust , Phosphating, pickling and other processes before treatment, and then by the matt electrostatic spray, coating durable, with beautiful colors, uniform color.

     The size of the product is: single-sided bookshelves (width * deep * high) 1000 * 300 * 2000mm; double-sided bookshelves (width * deep * high) 1000 * 450 * 2000mm, product size can be customized according to the specific storage location.

     Steel bookshelf features: with a large collection of books, covers an area of small; frame easy to dismantle easy to install, flexible and convenient transfer;Steel Book Shelf can moisture, fire, high temperature, safety performance. Steel bookshelves have now become the majority of institutions, enterprises and institutions, bookstores and other books necessary tools for storage.