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Steel Book Shelf The Price Is Cheap And Easy To Move
Jun 07, 2017

Steel shelves: the use of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate material, the NC equipment, cutting, molding; steel shelves each shelf uniform load 80kg, single-sided shelf uniform load 40kg; steel frame surface by degreasing, rust , Phosphating, pickling and other processes before processing, and then by the matt electrostatic spray, coating durable, with beautiful color, uniform color.

     The size of the product is: single-sided bookshelves (width * deep * high) 1000 * 300 * 2000mm; double-sided bookshelves (width * deep * high) 1000 * 450 * 2000mm, product size can be customized according to the specific storage location.

     The characteristics of steel Steel Book Shelf: with a large collection of books, covers an area of small; frame easy to dismantle easy to install, leveling flexible and convenient; can be moisture, fire, high temperature, safety performance. Steel bookshelves have become a vast number of institutions, enterprises and institutions, bookstores and other books necessary tools for storage.

1. tree structure bookshelves and green background wall integration, a kind of green forest feeling, tree shape chic novel, in addition to storage books, or a good wall decorations.

2. In the bedroom outside the design of a simple open bookshelves, to meet the bed before reading do not want to get out of bed lazy, convenient and practical. You can also place decorations and light the bedroom.

3. Flat cylinder with a fixed iron frame to form a simple Steel Book Shelf, each cylinder with a partition in the middle of the separation, according to the length of the book to choose the location, personality fashion people shines.

4. use the corner, the design of a roof shape, not only can place books, but also dress up space. Free pulley allows you to enjoy reading time anytime, anywhere.

5. white hollow box surrounded by a simple shelves, inside the box and the table can be placed books or other decorations, irregular display so that the wall has more expression.

6. For the colorful little fresh study, the pentagon shelves stand on the wall and the study room with a very appropriate space.

7. Sloping bookcase design so that simple bookshelves can also play an unusual idea, this simple Steel Book Shelf cheap, easy to move.

8. It is not so much a bookcase, it is better to say that decorations are more appropriate, simple structure, like to read the small corner, modeling fashion novel.

9. round rotatable bookcase, placed in the corner of the bedroom, will not let the space look narrow, multi-grid bookcases can not only do decoration, but also has a strong storage function.

10. This apartment is suitable for industrial winds, and in the corner of the wall a simple place to store books, not only has a decorative effect, but also can enjoy reading.