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Pallet Rack Characteristics And Uses Of
Oct 14, 2016

1, usually cargo trays, storage cage after the unit load devices such as integrated into shelf storage. Each unit load within 4000kg, usually place two units on each floor.
Pallet rack
2, is one of the most popular and widely-used shelf, suitable for use in most warehouse or goods.
3, with any of the 100% of the chosen attribute. Handling machinery such as forklift operation can be stored to any location, storage job is easy and fast!
4, mechanical handling equipment storage.
5, the unit shelve span, generally at 4m, depth in 1.5M, low, high warehouse racking height in 12m, ultra high storage shelves height within 30m (this kind of warehouse is automated warehouse and shelves total height consists of several 12m columns).
Multiples of 6, with 75mm adjustable per layer is high.