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Metal Locker To Facilitate Daily Life
Jul 19, 2017

In the cabinet and other combinations with the avoidance of trivial, seem generous, natural, its unique Roman column-like decorative lines simple and neat, showing the ancient civilization. The whole style does not require too much skill, keep simple ideas, capture the light, draw the nature,Metal Locker bold and free use of color, style; full display of free, natural, romantic, leisure decoration essence. Relief culture with simple style of modern cut with great artistic atmosphere.

Indoor space is not enough, many people played the balcony of the idea, have to install the locker to the balcony. Of course, slightly in the balcony custom Metal Locker will certainly have wind, sun, rain trouble, how to solve the balcony custom Metal Locker of various problems?

1, wooden Metal Locker are easily sunburned, sealed balcony is the easiest way. At the same time with the installation of anti-ultraviolet function of the glass, you can effectively sunscreen rain, usually when the sun pull the curtains, do sunscreen moisture measures.

2, the balcony is the most dusty place, Metal Locker corner is particularly easy to fouling. Metal Locker must be cleaned regularly, but in the scrubbing process, the cloth can not be too wet to keep the cabinet surface dry.

3, to avoid contact with corrosive substances, once the contact to immediately wash. Locks made of metal, pvc, sheet, etc., are easy to be corroded, affecting the service life.

Metal Locker are the most common furniture at home, but also indispensable furniture, such as the home has a spacious wall, you can lay the Metal Locker, decorative walls at the same time, more expanded storage. And the Metal Locker can be turned into a bed, still can store.

Bookcase fit the wall, to enhance the use of space 27%, to create adequate storage space. Irregular grid cabinet, multi-storey design, can be classified into various types of items, orderly space looks more chic. Desk and short cabinet stitching, arbitrary easier. Bookcase next to the desk to make the work more efficient, and the user-friendly design of the low cabinet can let you want to relax when more comfortable Oh!

Multi-grid cabinet storage space reasonable planning, the size of the cabinet can be placed according to their own needs items to facilitate daily life. Open the cabinet is also conducive to personalized design, increase the sense of art of bookcase