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Metal Locker Life More Literary Atmosphere
Aug 08, 2017

Because the relationship between the apartment, a lot of time, a house decoration will always empty some chicken ribs. This corner does not exist in the living room, does not exist in the bedroom, is divided into a piece of tasteless land. Like this place, always used to take all kinds of constraints, it is better to install a Metal Locker directly on it, used to put a variety of large and small debris is also very good.

This corner, three sides of the wall, placed washing machine bar, there is no drainage system, empty, can not become a landscape. Customize a set of Metal Lockers on the most suitable.

Large house of the house, the bedroom lying children's room study are homogeneous, in this room is rich in the case, if there are some small corner empty out, simply used as a storage bar!

This space, between the two doors, narrow aisle, the end of the aisle is the wall, there is no window, light and ventilation will be poor, so, when used as a Metal Locker is the ideal choice.

Similarly, in the room and the room between the end of the aisle, you can also install a Metal Locker, do not need a full wall is occupied by the cabinet, you can empty in the middle of a small space.

If you think that the use of a wall of space to install the space in the use of space is not enough, then you can consider in this small corner, the two walls are installed on the cabinet.

Indoor space is not enough, many people played the balcony of the idea, have to install the Metal Locker to the balcony. Of course, slightly in the balcony custom Metal Lockers will certainly have wind, sun, rain trouble, how to solve the balcony custom Metal Lockers of various problems?

1, wooden Metal Lockers are easily sunburned, sealed balcony is the easiest way. At the same time with the installation of anti-ultraviolet function of the glass, you can effectively sunscreen rain, usually when the sun pull the curtains, do sunscreen moisture measures.

2, the balcony is the most dusty place, Metal Lockers corner is particularly easy to fouling. Metal Lockers must be cleaned regularly, but in the scrubbing process, the cloth can not be too wet to keep the cabinet surface dry.

3, to avoid contact with corrosive substances, once the contact to immediately wash. Locks made of metal, pvc, sheet, etc., are easy to be corroded, affecting the service life.

Entrance, indoor and outdoor a transition space. In the open space set up a Metal Locker, each wonderful their own elegant.

Low Metal Lockers

Half of the high entrance Metal Lockers, not just the Metal Lockers so simple, it cut off the entrance and the living room, the bottom of the closed space can store shoes, the upper open space can store books or bouquets, fresh the whole space.

To the top of the entrance Metal Lockers

The whole wall-type entrance Metal Locker capacity is particularly alarming, pure white tone, to the top design, the upper and lower structure, located in the central area of open storage area, easy to store items, and then set up in the upper set of wine, so here drunk The

Entrance L-type partition Metal Lockers

L corner of the entrance lock cabinet cleverly set up partition space, the door entrance is a large area of the left side of the storage space, the bottom of the closed space can be used for shoe, the upper half open space for storage area, the other side of the elegant cut off Calmly.

Into the wall Metal Lockers

The entrance of the entrance can be made into the wall Metal Lockers, the upper and lower structure, the bottom of the suspension, for the commonly used shoes or temporary shoes for storage space. Into the wall design, make up the original ugly concave, do not miss any available space.

Into the wall of the entrance to the cabinet with the wallpaper to form a beautiful "painting", Metal Locker is the "painting" of the landscape, the shoes or a variety of items into them, the wall shop to frame, life more literary atmosphere.