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Metal Locker Big Space Savings
Oct 19, 2017

Each family needs storage space, some even have a separate storage room, dedicated to the storage of household items.

But for small huxing, space can be described as a piece of gold. In the absence of the possibility of providing a separate storage room, the design of the Metal Locker is particularly important.

Even if the large-type has a special store outdoors, other bedrooms, guest restaurants and other space is also indispensable Metal Lockers, because all things to the storage room stacked, life is extremely inconvenient. The role of Metal Lockers is gradually weakened, and many of the functions of storage are replaced by different areas of admission. But for the goods more, there is no extra space to do the storage expansion, Metal Lockers for them is the simplest and fastest way.

Metal Lockers are home to the most common furniture, but also indispensable furniture, such as the home has a spacious wall, you can lay Metal Lockers, decorate the wall at the same time, more to expand the admission. And Metal Lockers can be turned into a bed, still can store things.

Bookcase Metal Lockers, cluttered books is not to occupy your many of the space, quickly govern it, this bookcase small, but the ability of high-strength! From then on your CD/VCD, books have a good place, elegant and neat storage style people are very tempted.

Free combination of Metal Lockers, poetic printing, fresh and elegant, combined display a beautiful picture of the bamboo forest. Fashionable modern breath, leisurely life style, beauty does not rigidly adhere to the secular form, life has become more beautiful.

Metal Locker lattice Metal Lockers, according to the basic unit combined into bookcases, Metal Lockers, TV cabinets and so on, you can imagine the realization. Whether it is storage cabinets, racks or wardrobe, as long as the addition of a little ingenuity, can also be out of the ordinary glow.

Multilayer storage Drawer cabinets, it can be stacked at will, the top of the groove superimposed on the time it is very solid, can be placed in a single closet, can also be superimposed a few when the wardrobe, can greatly save space, so that your wardrobe to become more neat and orderly.

Drawer-type storage cabinets, thick top cover, can be arbitrarily placed some small items. Small drawer banned, privacy protection. button design and installation in place, even a piece of paper can not be stuffed. Snacks, when the season clothes, children's toys, what to install what.

European-style drawer-type storage cabinets, light luxury European, gold ratio, environmental protection PP resin, strong bearing gravity. The appearance is small, the physique inside hides big space, the storage cabinet built-in storage space Multi-layer classification accepts, accepts each kind of clothing and so on.

Drawer-type storage cabinets, ergonomic design, load-bearing strength, withstand pressure and fall, durable, provincial space storage, import resin raw materials, health and environmental protection non-toxic, mildew-proof anti-bacterial, healthy life, let home have love.