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Introduction To Steel Bunk Beds
Oct 14, 2016

Accommodation for students, effectively saving space, very well solve the problem of a shortage of school buildings. For different groups and needs, bunk beds there are many different kinds.
Student bunk bed made of iron and steel material, fir deck, beautiful, durable steel surface rust, Polish spray of, apply to factories, schools, and places of use. Dormitory bunk bed dimensions are 1.9 meters long, 0.9 m wide.
Plates used in all high quality cold-rolled steel plate.
Column 40*40*1.2 square tube, beam 25*50*1.2 square tube, rung by 25*25*1.0 square tube.
The steel is coated, Rust removal, electrostatic spray after phosphating process, all touching the ground steel on all non-slip plastic pouches.
Baseplate using 1.5 cm high quality cedar wood, polished. Ladder using φ 19 tubes, welded with welding to increase firmness.
Cabinet made of high quality cold-rolled steel plate, beautiful and strong. And equipped with shoe rack, washbasin. The entire product structure is reasonable, not deformed.