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How To Identify Advantages And Disadvantages Of Metal File Cabinets
Oct 14, 2016

First thing to understand is Cabinet material, this time a lot of people will ask, with good knowledge of materials, not all metal? Yes, were made of Tin, but the thickness of the metal and the quality, the price is different, work different, life long. China Office furniture made of high quality cold-rolled steel plate, a thickness of 0.6 mm or more. Mold sheet metal file cabinets line, formed more than 10 procedures such as pickling and phosphorization Seiko, rust-proof, compressive strength, impact resistance difficult deformation.
Second is to observe the appearance of file cabinets, file cabinets will look the same on the market, mainly to see whether its working fine. Cabinets more strict with the appearance of smoothness, squaring the edge regularly, and form an angle of 90 degree angles. At the time of purchase, with a touch panel to see if smoothing, whose outside edges and there should be no sharp edges.
Then there is its production, our company has strong technical force, improve technology content of the Cabinet. Cabinet is the use of electrostatic powder coating process and phosphide anti-rust treatment, this can extend the service life of the Cabinet.