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Filing Cabinets Simple And Simple
Jun 07, 2017

Although the file cabinets is a relatively common office supplies, but it is in people's daily office life occupies a very important position. Simply put, a file cabinets quality can be directly related to the image of the enterprise, so it requires the purchaser in the purchase of filing cabinets to be observed in many ways. So what is the principle of the cabinet design? Then let's take a look.

According to the characteristics of raw materials principles:

Now the development of society is very fast, the file cabinets used by the material is also different, endless. Because the raw material is the main factor in the product, it can not only change the file cabinets structure design, but also enhance the complexity of the function of the cabinet. So in the latest design of the latest cabinet, according to different raw materials to design, such as steel extension is not good wood, so the steel file cabinets style is relatively simple, and wooden file cabinets shape is relatively variable.

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Conform to the principle of beautiful and practical:

 Each kind of different structure of the file cabinets aesthetics are different, although the different styles, but they have given the file cabinets different artistic charm. Because the file cabinets from the physical performance, it is a decorative office furniture, so that beauty and practicality are very important. So in the design of the file cabinets, but also take into account the overall effect of the office decoration, to avoid the phenomenon of style mix and match, this will make the office file cabinets and office environment is out of tune.

Understand the design principles of filing cabinets:

The quality of the file cabinets and the quality of the process is inseparable from the design file cabinets, mainly rely on changing the appearance of raw materials, manufacturing technology, processing methods. Many customers feel more beautiful file cabinets design is relatively simple, in fact, it is the process and the requirements of the manufacturers is very high, only in a certain specific environment to design out. So, before the creative design, we must take into account the technical capacity of the file cabinets manufacturers, only to understand the latest technology and processing methods in order to make full use of raw materials, to create more possible space.

So in the process of filing cabinet design, we need to follow the above principles, then the procurement of filing cabinet, not only to understand the reputation of manufacturers reputation, more is to understand the quality of the product is good or bad and the service is good or bad. Jikai Business Group is the largest producer of filing cabinets in central China.

Ji Kai business is committed to efficient management of the mode of operation, to build first-class steel furniture business. Over the past few years, set a high standard of design, high-quality file cabinetss, wardrobe, shelves, and perfect after-sales service, we created a remarkable sales performance. Our mission is to create a comfortable, beautiful and modern office environment for you and your company to improve your work efficiency.

The office of the office is mainly wooden.

Wooden filing cabinets are usually suitable for leading offices. General wooden filing cabinets will be with a glass door, let the inside of the layout of a glance. On the leadership of the office, in the laying on the usual demand for certain grade. Therefore, the leadership of the office file cabinets will be placed some decorations, such as vases, books, ceramics and other arts and crafts. So here should be put on the contrast is large, or the center of the child, can be ornamental for the file cabinets.

Then the file cabinets style, raw materials, how to choose the color?

1, file cabinets scale: scale to large, large-scale file cabinets both seem generous and let the unit look advanced. Large-scale filing cabinets can also put more, larger files.

2, file cabinets style: style can not be messy, mainly simple and simple. Modern life is more prevalent.

3, the file cabinets of raw materials: raw materials is naturally selected wood is better. Solid wood file cabinetss look advanced and more environmentally friendly.

4. file cabinets color: dark color to the main, dark file cabinets appears more serious, generous.