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Filing Cabinets Have Enough Load Capacity
Oct 31, 2017

In the school office, because the various books, school records, student work, teaching record, etc., for the Filing Cabinets usage is very high, in order to be able to safely and orderly the office of these information information stored in the choice of documents When the cabinet to pay attention to some. According to the actual use of the school office, the choice of Filing Cabinets can be considered from one of the following aspects.

First, recommend the use of steel cabinet

School office is the most suitable use of steel Filing Cabinets, the reasons for the following:

1, because the school office file information is too much, there are teachers, students, the number of students corresponds to the number of student-related information, so so much storage, you need to have enough load capacity of the Filing Cabinets, which Non-steel filing cabinets are none other.

2, the school is different from the company, a variety of information used very frequently, so the Filing Cabinets in the switch, take the loss caused by a large, able to withstand this wear and tear can only be metal, taking into account the activities of hardware , Certainly not wood, so it is more appropriate for steel filing cabinets.

Second, try to choose large space

As the number of school office files, so the amount of storage to choose a large, this can not only see how many doors, look at the depth of the cabinet inside. In the purchase of filing cabinets, the first according to the actual storage capacity to choose a large Filing Cabinets, generally give up the nice appearance; Second, the actual depth of the measurement, do not look at the data on the label, not to visual, The amount of storage.

Third, the key accessories of high quality

Filing Cabinets on a variety of hardware connections, as well as handles, locks and other quality must be better, because these are related to whether the anti-wear, to ensure the life of the Filing Cabinets. In the choice of Filing Cabinets, the best choice of imported hardware accessories material, because the state of imports of hardware accessories have a very strict import and export standards, the quality of a certain guarantee.