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Filing Cabinets Green, Durable
Jul 10, 2017

Filing Cabinets has become a white-collar workers indispensable office furniture, but many people have a problem, that is, after the Filing Cabinets to buy back, there will be a heavy paint smell, the human body is harmful, then, how to clear the Filing Cabinets The smell of it? Wuhan Huadu Group to teach you three strokes:

1 Filing Cabinets just bought back when the ventilation should be placed, and then the amount of vinegar placed in the Filing Cabinets room, in the basin filled with cool water, and then put the face plate as close as possible to the location of the Filing Cabinets, Open the door, so that you can very good to absorb the residual smell of the Filing Cabinets.

2 can be in a soft cloth on a little bit of white vinegar or the fabric stained with a little Taomi water to wipe the surface of the cabinet and the interior, as long as you can touch the place to wipe it again, so the same can play very Good to remove the smell effect.

3 Filing Cabinets made, I believe you are not familiar with. Filing Cabinets as the name suggests is to place documents, information cabinets, convenient documents, data classification storage, so as to improve work efficiency, to achieve effective, classified office life. According to the use of different materials, can be divided into three categories, namely, steel documents, plastic Filing Cabinetss, wooden Filing Cabinets. One of the steel Filing Cabinets with its green, durable and highly favored by modern office.

Modern Filing Cabinets made with the characteristics of the main reflected in three areas, the use of high-quality steel plate on the system. From the cutting, stamping, bending, welding, equipment and other technology on the counter, in the counter using automatic spray phosphating, matt epoxy, to ensure that electrostatic spraying film is not easy to fall off, smooth and beautiful. In the partition on the enhanced treatment, durable, can store a large number of books, documents, etc. If the economic conditions permit, you can buy a few pineapple placed in the Filing Cabinets room, because the pineapple is a crude fiber Fruit, so in the absorption of odor at the same time can also exudes a fresh taste, to achieve the effect of quick and clear smell.

Office furniture in a variety of cabinet, Filing Cabinets is different from other tool cabinets, storage cabinets are mainly reflected in three areas, namely the use of material, the price.

First, the use of: Filing Cabinets is mainly stored in the text of the nature of the information, documents, books.

Second, the material: Filing Cabinets material and diverse, mainly iron, wood, steel.

Third, the price: due to different materials, the price is also all the differences.

Speaking of the Filing Cabinets made, have to mention is the maintenance of the Filing Cabinets, maintenance methods can be based on the different cabinet to choose the material, small series for you to sum up three different materials Filing Cabinets maintenance methods:

1, wood Filing Cabinets: wooden Filing Cabinets maintenance is the key to clean, to avoid sharp scratches.

2, steel Filing Cabinets: often with a clean towel can be wiped, to avoid placed in the wet and more water environment.

3, cloth class Filing Cabinets: daily care only need to use a clean wet towel to remove the stains, stubborn stains just add a little cleaner cleaning.