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Filing Cabinets Greatly Improving The Product Accuracy And Efficiency
Jun 28, 2017

At present, the more common file cabinet mainly steel file cabinet and solid wood file cabinet, the material is not the same role as the file cabinet is not the same. For office furniture, Filing Cabinets and solid wood file cabinets have their own advantages. Choi Bai furniture for you to analyze the pros and cons between the two:

The use of Filing Cabinets has a great advantage, both in terms of fire resistance, firmness and environmental protection. Filing Cabinets are usually selected cold-rolled steel, and then selected in the appearance of electro-galvanized, hot dip zinc, powder electrostatic spraying and many other technology, solid use. And from the whole point of view, steel file cabinets are relatively concise, economical light mobile storage devices, easy to use.

Solid wood furniture has always been very popular varieties of furniture, wood cabinet on the solid wood is also the case, high-grade, the atmosphere, but it also has a contrastive big flaw, that is, the environment and the temperature of the request is relatively high, not moisture, Was picked, so the selection of solid wood file cabinet need to think a little more. If you really want the feeling of wood can also choose Zhuo Bai transfer steel file cabinet, through the transfer technology to the wood texture printed on the surface of the steel file cabinet on the same level of the atmosphere.

In addition, the price of solid wood furniture is relatively expensive, this is because the recent reasons for the rise of wood, and steel file cabinet relative price is relatively low, and the recovery price is higher than the wood, from the economic efficiency of the steel file cabinet is also more cost-effective The

So overall, if you pay special attention to the appearance of the office comparison of Chinese style, solid wood file cabinet has a special pursuit, and conditions permit, you can choose solid wood file cabinet. If you attach importance to practicality, modernization, that steel file cabinet is a good choice!

Under normal circumstances, the file cabinet is more popular products, and product specifications are more common than the specifications. In the mass production selection of a fixed punch can meet the production. But when customers need some shape personality, size specifications of special products, you need to re-design size, open mold for processing. So that the product production cycle will be extended. However, laser cutting machine with the advantages of flexible processing, like a good solution to this problem. Laser cutting machine can not only do the processing of conventional products, for special specifications of the product only need to re-layout mapping can be directly produced. Greatly enhance the company's product plasticity, the scope of product production more widely, and the number of customers will naturally increase. The corresponding market competitiveness will slowly increase.

In the daily production operations, often mainly rely on the manual work of workers and small machinery with this mode of operation is often more general, and can not occupy a certain advantage in the market. The use of laser cutting machine eliminates the use of the production of products such as filing cabinets when the cutting plate, cutting angle and other steps, greatly improving the product accuracy and efficiency The

We all know that the laser cutting machine cut out the surface of the smooth and burr-free, fast, high precision, less heat affected area, and not directly contact with the surface of metal materials, so the workpiece will rarely appear mechanical deformation. In the shape, thickness, different materials of the metal processing industry, with such advanced, high-tech, high-quality laser cutting machine, which is definitely a new file cabinet processing leap.

Today, the steel file cabinet manufacturers more and more intense competition between many businesses in order to promote their own steel filing cabinet products, usually for customers with some accessories or small gifts. There are many customers really could not help but this sugar-coated shells of the attack, but bought back the steel file cabinet is not very satisfactory!

The reason why customers will be on these small small Hui Hui moving or because too much value steel file cabinet prices. In fact, we all know that the sheep out of the body, steel file cabinet is also a cost.

In the purchase of Filing Cabinets, the price of its greatest impact is the raw materials, high-quality Filing Cabinets using high-quality cold-rolled steel plate manufacturing, and the thickness of the steel plate is a certain requirement. The thickness of the steel sheet directly affects the durability and bearing capacity of Filing Cabinets. Some businesses in order to save the cost of bare board thickness is not up to standard, with paint to make up the number of such a steel file cabinet to buy back with the certainly regret.

There is the design of Filing Cabinets. The designer's design is to pay their own efforts, there is a design cost in the. A good steel file cabinet is designed to cost even higher than the raw material. Filing Cabinets for corporate offices, trendy and practical design style can improve the quality of office decoration.