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Filing Cabinets Economic Environment, Low Cost
Oct 19, 2017

With the rapid development of home market, many of the new office furniture has also given more new and beautiful fashion features, especially the use of file cabinets, in the increasingly modern office environment plays an important role. In the purchase of office filing cabinets, the first consideration of nature is convenient and practical. There are many kinds of file cabinets in the market, such as wood, plastic, steel filing cabinets, especially the most popular, the advantages are extremely obvious. Then Huadu small compiled for everyone to tidy up the document cabinets of the material and advantages.

Material and fabrication technology of steel filing cabinet

1. Filing Cabinets Cabinet material: Cold steel plate making File box material: Industrial plastic material PS material made!

2. Drawer box design: Prevent slipping device, prevent the drawer from slipping when pulling out, ensure that the goods file is not damaged.

3. Color mark: Indicate the documents stored in the drawer, the name of information, classification and storage management, improve work efficiency.

4. Steel filing cabinets suitable for: Office A4 paper, A3 paper, A5 documents, billing, samples, stationery and other goods finishing!

Steel file cabinets can be customized according to the requirements of a variety of specifications and size!

Advantages of Steel Filing Cabinets

1, steel filing cabinets affordable, cheap, economic and environmental protection, low-cost;

2, steel file cabinet light, strong, can be easily placed mobile adjustment position, unlike wood furniture moved two times will fall apart;

3, steel file cabinets convenient and fast, suitable for office, conducive to improving work efficiency;

4, modern light, comfortable and refreshing, concise and tidy, generous;

5, the capacity is big, and the cabinet body volume is small. To meet the needs of file placement, but also a bad fee space;

6. Strong combination, adapt to changeable and irregular space. Single layer multilayer cabinet, can overlap and assemble;

7, Metal products, durable. As long as the protection is good, the material will not change;

8, the steel file cabinet style is many, the choice is strong, the glass door, the drawer, the movable door optional;

9, without special installation, can be used directly, especially for fast modern life;

10, steel filing cabinets easy to maintain, clean and convenient, often new, to shape a good working environment.