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Filing Cabinets Better Plasticity Is More Efficient
Sep 29, 2017

As we all know, most of the Filing Cabinets is made of cold-rolled steel plate through a variety of equipment produced by the production process. Which go through the open material, stamping, folding, spot welding, pickling and phosphating, spray, assembly and a series of processing processes. Laser cutting machine with its high precision cutting, fast, narrow slit advantage, successfully replaced the cutting plate machine has become the main equipment of the open material. Today, Xiaobian to tell you about laser cutting machine

What are the advantages of the application in the Filing Cabinets?

Advantage One: the plasticity of the product is stronger

Under normal circumstances, the Filing Cabinets is more popular products, and product specifications are more common than the specifications. In the mass production selection of a fixed punch can meet the production. However, when customers need some shape personality, size specifications of special products, you need to re-design size, open mold for processing. So that the product production cycle will be extended. However, laser cutting machine with the advantages of flexible processing, like a good solution to this problem. Laser cutting machine can not only do the processing of conventional products, for special specifications of the product only need to re-layout mapping can be directly produced. Greatly enhance the company's product plasticity, the scope of product production more widely, and the number of customers will naturally increase. The corresponding market competitiveness will slowly increase.

Advantage 2: work more efficient

In the daily production operations, often mainly rely on the manual work of workers and small machinery with this mode of operation is often more general, and can not occupy a certain advantage in the market. The use of laser cutting machine eliminates the use of the production of products such as filing cabinets when the cutting plate, cutting angle and other steps, greatly improving the product accuracy and efficiency The

We all know that the laser cutting machine cut out the surface smooth and no burr, fast, high precision, less heat affected area, and not directly contact with the surface of metal materials, so the workpiece will rarely appear mechanical deformation. In the shape, thickness, different materials of the metal processing industry, with such advanced, high-tech, high-quality laser cutting machine, which is definitely a new Filing Cabinets processing leap.