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Containers Choices
Oct 14, 2016

1, to be to buy crates of color, good quality products, bright colors, good gloss, and poor quality products, color dark, gloss is not enough.
2, and see plastic turnover box weight, General like situation Xia, equal specifications of products, with equal of material, certainly is more heavy more good, but this is most with cheat sex of a trap, not with integrity of manufacturers, will in products in the joined stone powder (calcium carbonate), makes plastic turnover box weight increased, but such of consequences is, led to products toughness reduced, easy rupture, using life greatly shortened.
3, and more hands-on, user available hand press plastic turnover box, makes its has must of deformation, if no rupture, is products quality relative better, quality bad of products, slightly by press, on will damaged, but if you on wants to purchase of products quality has suspected, do don't station in products Shang try its hosted force, or, once rupture, very easy was scraping injury. Of course, if you want to rest assured that peace of mind is, of course, look for some large, reputable companies to buy.