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Cabinet Designed To Follow The Principles Of What
Oct 14, 2016

Principle of characteristics of raw materials:
Social development was very rapid, and cabinets used different materials, one after another. Because raw materials are the main factors of products, it can not only change the Cabinet structure design, can enhance the functional complexity of the Cabinet. So in the latest cabinet design, designed according to the different raw material to, say, steel extension no wood at all, so steel file cabinet style is single, and wooden cabinet style changed.
Comply with the principles of aesthetic and practical:
Each of these kinds of cabinets aesthetics are different, different styles, but they give the cabinets a different charm. Because the cabinets from the physical performance, is a strong decorative office furniture, so that aesthetics and usability are very important. So in the design file cabinets, Office should also consider the overall decoration effect, avoid the phenomenon of mix and match styles, it makes Office filing cabinets and office environments are considered incompatible.