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What are the dimensions of metal file cabinets
Oct 14, 2016

Common metal cabinet specifications 1800*390*900mm, after pickling, phosphating of steel, rust and other processing, standard fusion welding, smooth. In addition, metal locker integrated storage features in one large volume increase volume, have it in your Office, don't have to worry about clutter of Office documents and goods piling up.
690*900*420mm are four short Cabinet specifications, compact design, using the categories drawer and Cabinet one of the open structure, can be placed in any corner of the Office, and not occupy too much space, can also be combined with the desk from each other, forming an organic whole.
Outside glass Cabinet specifications within the disk is 1800*390*900mm, aesthetics and functionality are more and more people consider factors. This section of metal file cabinets in the middle and bottom of mix structure, can be very good file, the file information categories summarized well not only easier for staff to take, is to create a good working environment.