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Office how to place metal file cabinets
Oct 14, 2016

What position not too short of metal file cabinets?
From the five elements, when Office is located in the corporate office of East, Southeast, North or South side, the corresponding Text belongs to wood, water and dependent territories, if placed too low cabinets, this Office will have a bad effect. To avoid this pattern, it is best to select a tall cabinet.
Which position cannot be used too high a metal file cabinet?
In order to save Office space, many companies have chosen to use a tall metal filing cabinets. However, is located in the West, Northwest, South and Northeast offices of the four directions, this may not be the best choice. Tall cabinets can make Office look is even more generous, but it's not Office in these directions. At this point, try relatively low Cabinet, although the number has increased, but can save space by reasonable place result.