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Metal cabinet with damp treatment
Oct 14, 2016

Metal file cabinet after moisture is prone to rusting, this requires careful attention. Iron will rust due to the increase in water vapor, leading to decay. First best in a moist environment with a dry cloth to wipe, soak up excess moisture. If corrosion of metal cabinets surface phenomenon, used a dish cloth or toothbrush dipped in sweep off the rust, then Polish with a dry cloth.
Plant: Tiger Orchid, large-leafed plants can absorb the extra water space, forming small indoor space system, maintain the balance of the indoor air.
Moisture: moisture supplies more common on the market, set dehumidification, aromatic, antifungal and deodorization of functions in one. Moisture box used for cabinets, wardrobe, shoes Cabinet, moisture absorption, using only into the cupboard.
Dampness: strong adsorption capacity of activated carbon, available after the coated charcoal cloth or sacks placed throughout the room, keep the air dry.
Can be placed in the corner of the Office and other locations anti-blushing agents, moisture absorption, activated carbon and other dry goods from moisture. Do not use non-professional cleaning supplies too wet wipe furniture surfaces for a long time. When the weather is fine, you can open Windows, ensure good indoor ventilation, air permeability is best not to open the window in the rain.