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Material resistant to corrosion of the metal file cabinets
Oct 14, 2016

Metal filing cabinet is the main material based on the products and production and processing of iron, iron products and durable, long service time, and corrosion resistance, is the choice of cabinet selection choice.
Metal file cabinet production process are as follows:
0.6mm-1.0mm quality steel furniture selection of cold-rolled steel sheet, in order to further ensure the quality of products, the first step needs to be steel Kaiping, and automatically cut to the required length;
Cut Board using high precision of cut Board machine, according to drawings will Kaiping had of plate cut into different of size, ensure size precise, and no hair stamping NC punch and various model of punch combined, tie various large mold, achieved has water of, and standardization job, ensure production efficiency and products quality/folding bent advanced of equipment plus skilled of workers, guarantee products edges clear, appearance beautiful. Welding will artifacts put in fixed of die in the, with CO2 protection welding or argon arc welding welding firm, then again with polished machine playing slag, and mill flat spray this company products of all sheet metal gold pieces are after strictly of high pressure washing, and pickling, and p of, 13 Road Qian processing process, selection imports automatically spray equipment, and quality powder, ensure products resistance environment corrosion sex strong, and coating firm, and flat smooth, and nontoxic tasteless color consistent.