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How to prevent Cabinet damp musty
Oct 15, 2016

Cabinets are Office workers have used Office furniture, when every day we are faced with a wide variety of documents and data have nowhere to do, file cabinets come in handy, it helped us receive collating information, easier to find and improve work efficiency.
But some work family of work environment is is special, again plus some weather of effect, Office environment on will is of wet, we some when even can and see some company of wall body are has in take water Zhu, and moldy of phenomenon, since such of environment such of wet, certainly file cabinet certainly is is bad of, so how prevention file cabinet wet moldy does? Here by small series to introduce a few cabinets moisture mold tips:
In the rainy season, outdoor air humidity is relatively high, it is best not to drive our Windows and doors. In fine weather we, of course, is to open Windows and doors for ventilation, this is a macroscopic points.
Cabinet is the Office environment has a moldy mildew, our only remedy will have good effect, we first sterilization, sterilization effect of alcohol experts, and, of course, there are a number of dedicated sterilization solution, we can take a small amount of these substances, spraying some moldy places to spray in the pot.