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Filing cabinet which better
Oct 14, 2016

Steel archive cabinets
Than traditional wooden furniture and furniture made of steel, it has a lot of advantages, whether it's fire safety, soundness and environmental aspects are no less. Steel filing cabinets are generally made of cold rolled plates pressed together, and surface electro-galvanized, hot-dipped galvanizing, powder electrostatic spraying and other technology, strong and durable. But on the whole, steel file cabinets are more concise and economical light duty mobile storage device, convenient, and durable.
Plate file cabinets
Plate filing cabinet is the use of MDF or particle board surface made of veneer process. With technology becoming more and more rare, plate filing cabinet veneer is currently on the market is more and more realistic, both gloss and the feel is very good. Meanwhile, plate filing cabinet that it belongs to a variety of veneers, so you can change the different colors and textures, in design can also be made on solid wood cannot finish styling, with personality. Of course, the plate filing cabinet is also flawed, first of all, it is not environmentally friendly, some inferior Particleboard is used as raw materials in order to gain profit, the second is natural, there is no sense of natural wood and other natural materials.


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